Respect for nature is not an option! Instead, it is a priority no one can ignore! A sustainable development that involves the environment, the economy and the society is in our hands! It includes every aspect of life, values and respect for present and future generations. Companies too can reinvent their production logics from a green standpoint. Just as we have done in Regenyal Laboratories.

Our company focuses on products used in Aesthetic Medicine. There could be no better chance to combine ecology with aesthetics! They say a protected landscape is more beautiful, and we believe a natural beauty is more appreciated. We have therefore chosen to use high quality raw materials and we pride ourselves on our products with only a minimum content on external chemical substances.

We aim at high quality manufacture capable of bringing the precious “made in Italy” trademark to a new and higher level. And, we are taking steps towards a sustainable development. Our philosophy leads us to limit waste, save energy, purify water and recycle.
It is our attention to the environment that made us choose FSC paper for our communication and packaging. The FSC mark identifies products containing wood from responsibly managed forests


  • The cardboard we use for the packaging and communication materials is manufactured of paper from FSC certified forests.
    The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organisation that certifies responsibly managed forests in respect of the person and the nature. We make sure that the entire procurement chain, from the forest to the printing house, is certified so to guarantee the traceability of the materials we use.
  • We reduce the dimensions of our packages in order to limit the use of cardboard.
  • Our products’ bottles are made of 100% recyclable plastic (PET) and we are working towards increasing the share of recycled material for the total of our plastic vials and bottles.