Beauty will lead us to a better world.

The “Beauty” of human beings is a universal concept that Phitogen has always relied on to recompose our reality’s complexity.


Phitogen Holding Spa

Phitogen Holding Spa is the parent of a group of companies that have focused, for over twenty years, on contract production & distribution of Hyaluronic Acid based medical devices.

The company today supplies and is a partner of major national and international brands, leaders in their respective reference markets. Thanks to the experience acquired over time and to the constant technological investments, the group is now able to offer comprehensive assistance to its business customers for implementing entire private label and Own Brand Labeling (OBL) lines.



Sustainability of the processes and reliability of the products.
Phitogen Holding promotes the values of process sustainability, of the quality compliance and reliability of the products, as well as professionalism and transparency in its business relations. With production, development and scientific management completely Made in Italy, the group has always focused on the development, promotion and diffusion of the original concept of “natural beauty”.


Developing and consolidating a “beauty network”, fostered by synergistic and development operations on the subject of professional aesthetic medicine, coordinated by a globally interconnected “beauty lab division”. Phitogen aims at achieving ever more responsible and environmentally sustainable production.


The Mission of Phitogen is to bring the concept of “natural beauty” to the forefront, drawing inspiration from the evolutionary aspects typical of plant genetics. In particular, research activities aim at emulating the key stages f the constant cyclical renewal process, by creating cutting-edge products and processes.


Production Site

The new production site of Phitogen Holding spa, built in 2015 in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Italy produces high quality, hyaluronic acid-based medical devices

We adopt all the certifications required to guarantee the utmost safety of the products, by applying specific procedures set forth by the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 quality management system. The Phitogen lines of intradermal and intra-articular products are produced by applying the highest safety standards, in strict compliance with national and international rules and regulations.


The latest innovation introduced by Phitogen Holding in the preparation of the raw materials is the so-called “Conservative Cross-Linking”.

This process, which characterises all intradermal and intra-articular lines produced by Phitogen, makes it possible to obtain an extremely homogeneous product. By acting on both the mixing time and on temperature, Phitogen’s research and development division is able to obtain a high control of the degree of HA crosslinking without causing its de-polymerisation, so as to preserve its natural properties.

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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a natural component of connective tissue, is the scaffold that makes the skin elastic and firm. It can be traced virtually in all regions of the human body. HA is synthesised naturally in the body and can also be produced, for medical and/or cosmetic purposes, using different techniques. Phitogen uses extra-pure HA, of non animal origin, produced by fermentation from streptococcus equi.

The benefits for the skin and joints

Hyaluronic Acid, naturally present in synovial fluid, gives to cartilage resistance to traction, strength and elasticity, aiding its shock-absorbing action. Furthermore, through its ability to interact with specific receptors, HA is able to modulate the inflammatory response and pain.


Phitogen holding spa caters for all companies who are interested in the production and/or distribution of branded Hyaluronic Acid based products, by offering a product entirely MADE IN ITALY.

Thanks to the professionalism and efficiency accrued over the years, Phitogen offers a wide range of services, such as:

  • “contract” production under the distributor’s brand;
  • Own Brand Labeling (OBL);
  • CE mark regulatory affairs consultancy;
  • support for product registration activities and document collection;
  • distribution consultancy;
  • assistance in packaging procurement.

Based on the high-level scientific content of the constant studies, strongly focused on research & development in the sector, the potential of its laboratories and, last but not least, the particular attention to compliance with quality standards, the group is able to meet the specific needs of any new potential customer.

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